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AI’s Place in Optometry

In recent news, AI was said to outperform doctors in diagnosing breast cancer. Still, only 52 percent of healthcare providers are into the AI hype. But refusing to use AI in clinical practice means giving up the normative database of our OCTs and the glaucoma progression analysis of our visual field analyzers.

The Latest Advances in Glaucoma Care

Although there are many remaining challenges, the future of glaucoma care is bright and will provide us the opportunity to maximize functional vision, which at the root of things, is our principle objective as Optometrists.

Employing Evidence-Based Practice to Customize Patient Care

Teaching evidence-based practice was one of the best things, not only for my students, but for myself as well. It gave me the framework to ask the right questions and critique scientific information so that I can reliably assess patients’ risk and treatment effectiveness instead of “taking somebody’s word for it.”

CRO (Clinical & Refractive Optometry) Journal Welcomes New Members to Editorial Team

New CRO editorial board member appointments bring a breadth of diverse backgrounds and clinical experiences to complement the existing editorial team and are consistent with CRO Journal’s policy of diversifying the editorial board to reflect the changing demographics of the optometric profession and the emergence of digital technology for the delivery of clinical education.

Clinical & Refractive Optometry Appoints Dr. Justin Kwan Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Justin Kwan OD, FAAO, an accomplished educator, researcher and published author is appointed as Editor-in-Chief at CRO. Dr. Kwan He is currently a private practice clinician at Professional Eye Care Center in Niles, Illinois.