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The Value of Human Connection

As month six of the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us, I can’t help but mourn the loss of regular human connection. Even getting into my car for a short or long drive and listening to a podcast is a welcomed break from the work from home grind knowing that a human is waiting on the other side.

Living With Our Immunology and Inflammation

As we take a look at the state of health and wellbeing in our communities today, there is no doubt that the pursuit of homeostasis is somewhat of a holy grail. We are exposed to external forces and consume things that wreak havoc on our body down to the cellular level. Inflammation and attacks on our bodies’ immunology often head down a path where it becomes difficult to reverse course.

The COVID Stare and Dry Eye Surge

Dr. Stephanie Ramdass has seen and is expecting more cases of the COVID stare resulting from school boards pivoting to online education and parents yielding to children demanding more screen time. She advises ODs to brace for a likely surge in dry eye related symptoms.

AI’s Place in Optometry

In recent news, AI was said to outperform doctors in diagnosing breast cancer. Still, only 52 percent of healthcare providers are into the AI hype. But refusing to use AI in clinical practice means giving up the normative database of our OCTs and the glaucoma progression analysis of our visual field analyzers.

The Latest Advances in Glaucoma Care

Although there are many remaining challenges, the future of glaucoma care is bright and will provide us the opportunity to maximize functional vision, which at the root of things, is our principle objective as Optometrists.