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Ocular Syphilis: A Case of Progressive Bilateral Panuveitis

Systemic/Ocular Disease
Exp: 9/8/2025
Credit Hours: 1
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Course Description

Syphilis can present with varied ocular signs, including uveitis. This course explores the pathophysiology, etiology and management of a patient with a progressive uveitis that was found to have neurosyphilis.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  • to understand the varied presentations of ocular syphilis, including uveitis
  • to understand the significance of testing for syphilis and other infectious diseases when a patient presents with a bilateral, recurrent, and/or progressive uveitis
  • to emphasize the importance of a thorough case history and multidisciplinary approach to ensure an accurate diagnosis and optimize patient care


The authors have no financial or proprietary interest in any material or method mentioned in this article. 

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