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Vision & Concussion: An Introduction for the Primary Care Optometrist

Exp: 12/21/2024
Credit Hours: 1
$24.50 USD

Course Description

This course reviews the proper detection, rapid testing and treatment of oculomotor dysfunction affecting motion processing mechanisms in concussion cases presenting to primary care Optometrists and addresses why Optometric Vision Therapy intervention is warranted. This is a video course.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  1. To summarize how concussion affects visual function and overall processing ability.
  2. to discuss the current research on visual dysfunction in concussion and how it impacts recovery in post-concussion syndrome and MRP overall (maximum recovery potential).
  3. Show recordings of real-life cases in the clinic of visual dysfunction linked to concussion and how they were treated. 
  4. Ensure individuals who take this course recognize signs and symptoms of visual dysfunction in concussion and know how to triage accordingly. 

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