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Managing Myopia One Child at a Time - Series 1

Exp: 5/1/2026
Credit Hours: 3
$59.00 USD

3 courses included in this package.

Managing Myopia One Child at a Time  - Series 1 provides access to three courses derived from the landmark textbook of the same name, authored by Dr. Langis Michaud et. al.  

The three courses include: 

  • Types of Spectacle Lenses for Myopia Management  (1 hour Credit)

  • Soft Contact Lenses for Myopia Management (1 hour Credit)

  • The Use of Atropine in Myopia Management (1 hour Credit)  

Enrollment in the course package provides you with enrollment in all three courses. After enrolment you may review any of the courses at any time and take the course tests to generate the course certificate prior to the course expiry date. Courses in this package expire May 31, 2026.  

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