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Scleral Lenses Improve Ptosis in Patients with Concurrent Ocular Surface Disease: A Case Series

Contact Lenses
Exp: 9/8/2025
Credit Hours: 1
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Course Description

Scleral lenses are well-established in their use in corneal ectasia. This course poses an additional application for scleral lenses in improving an eyelid ptosis, discussing the benefits and fitting considerations. 

The learning objectives of this course are:

  • to gain knowledge from a series of case studies about the applications of scleral lenses for improving a ptosis when other methods have failed
  • to discuss the benefits of fitting scleral lenses in patients with eyelid ptosis, for whom other therapies may not be appropriate or sufficient
  • to highlight the benefits of scleral lenses, both for eyelid ptosis but also concomitant ocular surface disease such as recurrent corneal erosions and dry eye syndrome
  • to discuss ideal fitting parameters for scleral lenses when attempting to manage eyelid ptosis and ocular surface disease

Course Content

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